Paul is a Cork born Painter and Printmaker. He undertook his undergraduate studies at St.Martins College, London, in 2000 and graduated with a BA in Graphic design; majoring in illustration and printmaking. He has since gained extensive work experience in various art industries from 2000 to 2012, including: picture framing, art materials manufacturing and retail. Since 2013, he has  been working as an art teacher teaching painting to various community groups and art institutions in Cork. Paul is a member of Cork Printmakers and Sample Studio were he currently holds his studio. 

Inspired by his immediate surroundings, Paul uses various painting and printmaking techniques in his work. Common themes in his work are ‘man-made’ vs nature and memory and its relationship to a sense of place and how the significance of depicting a scenes colour, light and shadow play a part sensory memory . His subjects visually explore everyday urban buildings, rooftops and domestic living spaces that become a focus for describing a conflict between the forces of nature and social economic modernisation.